Tuesday, February 5, 2008


hey guys

this is gonna be my longest post ive decided :D hehe..well i want to start with a big thanks to GABRIEL for fixing my comp :D so now i can blog all i want i can read my emails and do updates and everythign normally on my comp :D YEY!! im so happy ive been updating since last non-stop hehe
anyhu...d weekend was amzing i rlly enjoyed it :D i was rlly dreading coming thinking..uff im gonna feel all new since i havent been to community since december and stuff and i will feel awkward singing on worship team and stuff but as soon as i entered d topaz and i saw those first faces of friends i thought to myself "im finally bk home" u guys rlly made my weekend extra special i rlly appreciate it :D...d 60-70's night was just hillarious :D if any1 has some pics of it i want them!! i must say that d outfits were out of this world!! and i laughed so much!!! with mc hammer performer to beetles to nerds and greece ppl and all those hippies and 60's ladies just hillarious!! :D THANKS FOR AN AMZING WEEKEND GUYS!! and a BIG CLAP for JESUS for all the amazing things He has done through that weekend :D can i tell u guys? im so sore atm lol i dunno y but d weekend rlly strained me xD and man i rlly sang my heart out...its so weird i was rlly annoyed with some of d songs sung cos i was like "oh no not this again" kinda thing but i still gave it all i had and its so cool cos on sat i was hearing myself on d amp. and i was like wait ta thats not me :S and then i changed a lyric on purpose to c if it was actually me and it was! it was so fun man my voice had changed some how...from my actual voice till it reached d amp it was like changed :D XD anyhu..enough bout d weekend...we continue..sry sar couldnt resist putting that pic :P

Anyhu..on to monday :D..well monday..i woke up late...rlly late xD and i went shopping for shoes which i am about to do again after i finish this post xD and d most imp. part of monday was d Y4J CARNIVAL PARTY :D

i was rlly annoyed at first cos i was going late and leaving early but i rlly enjoyed it :D and u know wat i was? i was a CANVAS hehe and d pics ur seeing are wat drawn or writen..u c i took one of mig's old shirts (cos im small and i neded a big one) and i took my higlighters and permanent markers and every person i sed hi to i told them to write/draw on me and it have some rlly cool pics :D so im rlly loving y4j's imagination..

i rlly enjoyed myself...from rob and glenn's experiment that back fired to chasing bob xD to secrets :P and spilling coke on Rache and saying "melting" several times xD and staying still every 5 mins so some1 could write and of course pete constantly trying to write on me xP i rlly laughed and enjoyed it and i must say d best costume must go to brooks!! i mean come on look at him! isnt he hilarious?!?! lets continue shall we? wen i got home that night i find a pretty note on my desk from Gab telling me he fixed my comp :) hehe and thats wen i started updating hehe :D..guys be grateful for ur internet :D today at around 11 me and zoe went up to jc to meet Bob and Rache cos they had lots of free' was so fun :D i also met up with lots of ex form 5's and other y4jers :D hehe it was so fun..i also found out that joe went and played with his digeridoo there too xD with jean hehe..i was gonna go to sok with bob but i had to leave half way through d lesson so i ended up going out with debz abit and met mc while talking hehe..guys they have an amazing chapel!!! and their food smells just dying for 6th form seriously!!! and now i have doubts bout dls cos i rlly like jc..ah! issa we c wat d BIG BOSS wants hehe
now i must leave u all as i must go buy shoes :D hehe tc everyone!!

Signing out with extremely long posted cuddles and blessings :D


Matt said...

Hey Kai, sounds like you're enjoying your internets alright :P
Glad to hear you had a brill weekend, but man, the 60's were damn weird...
About the 6th form thing, think very carefully, what will influence you most right now is friends (i had wanted to go to jc too when i finished 5th form) but remember that at the end of the day it's the school that counts, and you'll always find friends wherever you go :)

Rachie said...

kai the colours!! i had to highlight all those words cos ur background's too light. Mrs.tell-the-world-im-melting. I honestly never heard anyone say melting that many times!! Haha! Btw I'm not going tomorrow, totally not worth the time. Ttyl hun, xxx

Zoe said...

Teehee I love the pics!! i'm so happy for my kuclaa = D love you karllla!! = D

Simon said...

Hey Kai,
agrees with Matt..the 60'2 wer wierd...and pls tell me i do not look gd in those clothes.
About the school, I had wanted to go to jc too because of friends, but listen to what He wants. If something hadn't made me go to DLS, I wouldnt be here talking to u...

Anonymous said...

Hey kai ... loool lovin the pic :P hehe ive got a cpuple hilarious photos of u!!! HAHA revenge is mine!!!
School .. hun where-ever u go ull make friends .. trust me i knw like mat and sim said school counts .. dw ;) gd luck in the mocks sweeet! x x x

Sarah giusti (ididnt feel like sighning in loool )

Anonymous said...

totally anonymous and random valentine's day post, cos i know you want one :P I love u like butter! (ok i know it doesnt make sense but who cares, just know i love you way too much :P)