Friday, February 8, 2008

Diamond in the Rough...

hey guys..
so..let me introduce my poem...i wrote it during a quiet time near some of my cell grp after digging at d BIG DIG and well i have been too lazy to post it but finally found some time here it goes :) hope you like it...oh btw this came to me as i was looking at d only marble i found hehe..the title is d name of it..

Trying to reach the surface,
Trying to find my purpose,
Not knowing what I'm gonna find...
Praying the sun will be kind!

This is me,
It's who I'll be!
I'm scratched and dented,
Full of bubbles of tears
but too scared to show my fears...

People step on me,
Not realizing I'm there...
Have you dug deep enough?
Did you realise I'm in the rough?

You see a shiny
piece of me.
Could this be it?
Am I free?

You pick me up.
Your hands shaped like a cup,
Rub off my dirt...
This is my new birth!

He found me!
Could I really be free?
I'm his diamond in the rough...
And in His eyes I'm more than enough!!

Signing out with shiny cuddles and blessings!! xxx


maria angela said...

waaaw kai how beautiful!! illa i really like it ^^ =D xxxx keep it up matiee =]

Zoe said...

Lovly = )

Simon said...

really really really nice, really deep
one thing: last stanza, third verse "His" not 'his' :P
gbu kai

Rachie said...

hey kai,
I saw that before didn't I? I like the new layout!
ttyl xxx

Ben said...

lol i just posted a blog and when i do that i usually look on my friends blogs! and ur post matches mine :p