Thursday, February 14, 2008


Hello my loves..well i must obviously say Happy Valentine's day or S.A.D hehe..that makes me laugh and also a BIG SHOUT OUT to PAWS!!! Happy bday pupa!! mwa!!...well i want to start off with saying something bout valentine's day...ur probably gonna think im gonna moan bout it..but actually i am but not in d way u think...well i think valentine's day is rlly swt and i think its rlly swt for couple u hekk and like i dont feel all sad and stuff cos im single...i mean imbilli...u day im not gonna be single and ill be enjoying d day y d hell r so many ppl depressed today!?!? i mean day ull be loving this feast like just ignore it...its not that much of a big deal rlly...single or watever...

also... i want to encourage ALL OF YOU to go visit d baystreet slum this weekend hehe which will be on d roof of bay...its running through d whole weekend..d event is called Slum survivor..and a few of y4j's youths r gonna be living in slum conditions on d roof of baystreet...and all this is to save money for d ppl in Kenya so go with ur money box :D XD other new (yes im being a journalist XD) IN THE HOUSE!!! is coming up...i.e..d Y4J lenten talks r running from the 25th Feb till 1st March form 8-9...rlly amazing guys!!! seriously...and get 7euros with u to buy y4j's first album hehe!! :D and also d mime will be taking place on d thurs of d lenten talks so probably community ppl wont come c it cos of annointing XP meanies!! XP hehe

i dont think there is any other news...ah yes...there is d healing service in Qrendi on 7.30 :D hehe...and other than that..i dont think anything else...ok so thats it i think :S PRAY PRAY PRAY cos God is doing big things atm :D BIG BIG BIG...guys EXPECT BIG!!!!

Signing out with BIG cuddles and blessings xxx


Simon said...

Hey Happy S.A.D. to you too my dear. for you uncultured people outthere S.A.D. = Single Awarness Day.
and Kai, I dnt like Valentines when im going out with someone's a day in which people expect cute romance, and it's really a normal day. People making it special makes it suck.

Rachie said...

ok why do I always comment? Pfft *slaps head*
Anyway, dearest journalist of mine, Valentine's Day is fun in my opinion. Cos *thinks* ...cos... you... erm... yeah well the Famous Five write letters XD (that means Vday is an excuse for the girls to get the guys to do something xP) haha, anyway, see ya tomoz! (dude we're gna be together like all day ta)

Bless bless bless
achie xxx