Saturday, January 26, 2008


Hello beautiful ppl of God :D..want to start with a SHOUT OUT to Simon for making me happy again this morning :Dn 2 maria-angela cos im gonna be talkin bout wat she wrote on d forum :)so..on my topic on d forum 2day i found a rly long post bout dis woman sayin how we should rly take d time we hv single2rly get close2God as an individual n it got me not intersted in any guy atm so i thought..ok dats it im steppin out of my shell n im gonna start workin on my talents n on wat God wants n i dont care if it takes ages cos i no God brings so much more happiness2me den anyting else…so pray 4 me:D GOING ON A NEW ADVENTURE!

Signing off with adventurous cuddles and blessings :D xxx


Simon said...

lol hey kai, np whenever u need, u know wer to find me,
i like your decission, it will rly help u grow.

maria angelaaaa said...

amen kai!!! im gona start doin dat too!! =D i rlly want to develop my relationship wid God and get even more in love wid Him!! den d guy comes wen he's meant to cum xD yaay d Lord is awesome =D lool xD xxxx God blss ya matiee