Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Houses n brooms n mouses n rooms!!

Hey guys n girlies :)
well yest. i went to Bettina's for our voluntary work...and our assignment was cleaning their San Gwann house. i know this sounds strange but our leadership team decided to do something 4 each person on youth team and Tutzi n Stefan requested that and it was quite fun though tiring. A big tnx to Amy for helping out even though she wasnt on our team mwa! We needed it since only 3 out of 5 of d girls could come...but anyhu...
Ah ppl...i don't have a mobile right now cos i left it Rachel's bag at y4j and she went home with it..and she lives in mellieha and for any1 hu doesn't no i live practically on d other side of d island lol xD so i have to wait till she decided to come meet her friends in Sliema or something be4 i get my mobile...its rlly weird cos u dont rlly realise how much u use ur mobile till u dont have it around...i was thinking like i would have died if i didnt know were it was!! decided to go mad with my camera and took some pics hehe luv ye bet ;) and so ill post them up :) hehe

bet and danelle
this is bets driveway..all u know how bet cleaned it?? by throwing d dirty water of d buckets onto d driveway xD >>

Bettina cleaning! :D

me cleaning d windows :) >>

Danelle sweeping outside

D buckets!! xD

Danelle on d fon

look how clean!!

ME!! hehe

Signing off with missed: texts, blessings and cuddles!! xxx


Simon said...

cleaning...hmmm...could be fun i suppose, ill have to take your word for it:P