Sunday, September 23, 2007


hey ppl...well today its my fave video up here..well not fave video cos thats charlieissocoollike..but my fave song..i just fell in love with this song..nd there is me in d video :D look out for d girl in wings!!! for u guys hu dont know d story of me and my wings..well here it picture it...well there is nothing to picture...ever since i found out there is a saint hu grew wings and i want wings and i was suppost to get them a s.s (well i dreamt i would :P)but im guessing jesus didnt want it that way...yes i no 4 u hu aren't believers it sounds strange but i believe that if u have enough faith miracles will happen! so guys pray for me cos im still waiting for my wings!!! hehe

but mum had a rlly funny vision today that she told me about picture...Jesus in his robe...waking up in d tomb...all yawning nd stuff and he gets up with a smile and finds d tomb door open...nd he gets out of d tomb and screams "YESSSSS!!!" lol i laughed so much!!! hehe ok very strange but anyhu...bk to today...actually last night..last night i went to john's bday gala...was fun..hehe..though i heard others had more fun :P ay nik ;P but anyhu...i should leav u cos i dont got anything else to say school :( y?!?!?!?!!!?!??!?!!?!??!?!!?!?? but hey 7mnths n it will be all over! and no more st.mikes :D hehe

btw... a BIG HAPPY BDAY shout out to Zoe...a gr8 friend! she is just amazing! sweet! and special and pretty!!!!!! mwa luv ye hun!!!! xxxxxx

Signing out with new school term blessings and cuddles...


Anonymous said...

omfg.. shcool tomorrow ='(
someone hold me >.<

time for... DOOM =p
hardwork... persecution form teachers... moonkin... and i might finally drop italian =p

c u tomorrow...


heyyy how did you get the vidoe like dat on the blog :O:O i am absolutely in love with that songg :D:D

Bekijj <3

^KaI^ said...

hehe happy u like d song..its from you tube hehe :)

Trudy said...

Well written article.