Thursday, December 27, 2007


Praise God guys!!! i managed to get into my blogger account!!!!!!! i've really missed it!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so lets talk a bit shall we??? so first of all a very merry christmas to all !! and happy new year!! so u want to hear d story about nye?? OF COURSE U DO!!! hehe so d original plan was to go to bettina and spend it there cos like i didnt want to go to the dolmen cos like no offence guys but like i was feeling mega left out and like i didnt want last yr to repeat itself if u no wat i mean but anyway no ive decided to go dolmenating as tutzi put it xD also wat else is new? hmmm...well today i had dgrp lunch with our dgrp and steve's..very fun and we have established that i cant gurgle xD..ah gud times gud stuff
also in news(feeling like a journalist) on sat. 15thdecember 2007 i started my new book...its coming so gud guys...i just love it!!!ive already hit 3000 words and im on d 3rd chapter but i didnt write this week and im not even close to the middle so like its gonna be long!! pray it comes like to thank bet for her inspiration and a very special person hu is a character in the book..the person knows hu she/he is hehe...also next week i get internet in my room so ill be able to write more of my book yey!! hehe
A big congrats to the new fiances so happy to hear about it..and thanks sarah for such an amazing christmas breakfast i rlly enjoyed it was so much fun!!!!! so u probably want the reason to y i havent blogged in over 2 mnths...well anything that has my email addy with it isnt working atm cos well my comp is a paperclip and it deserves to be bent..hence im using buddy and not d proper msn and i have 100 emails and abda pending and i cant open them!! grr!!! so guys dont send me emails till im bk on proper msn...and i managed to use blogger due to google hehe...
anyhu i leave u with this pretty song and p.s tnx sim ....

Signing off with christmass cuddles and blessings!! xxx


Matt said...

Chin up XD


Simon said... sure ill like it...
i guess

Anonymous said...

Go Kai! U finally managed to blog hehe...So wen dis book is done do we have permission to read it or do i have to take it from u wen ur not looking? XD haha anyways i'll ttyl
Gbu and tc =]
Brooks xxx

H1llz said...

Ahh cheers u managed to blog ^^ U didnt tell me about this book =O Tell me moreee :P I wanna read it ah xD Today was so much fun luv we gotta do it again soon hehe gonna become a tradition with us walking about, having girl talk and eating junk in Sliema ;) hehe hobbok hafna Kai God bless tc xxxxxx

Rach [achie] said...

hey dude,
congrats on the blog [finally =p] can't wait to read more of the book than just the last few words i managed to sneak x) haha, love the song too - when we can remember it! haha i think we have this problem singing the same song at the same time.. we allways confuzzle ourselves xD silly girls that we are!

haha ttyl tc Gb

(btw.. we shld go watch the film like tmorrow - rlly wanna!)