Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm Baaaaaack!!:D

hello readers...
u missed me?? hehe
well let me tell u some fun things that i did this week while u were all in malta or some even abroad xD
well for those of u hu dont know my dad has a sailing boat so we like lived on it in d gozo port...n me n my mum got d car from malta so d boat was like our flat nd we would go round with d was rlly fun..i had a doghnut for breakfast everyday...just amazing!!!! we went to d monti of gozo xD and i saw an adorable chiwawa for sale guys it was so CUUUUUUUTTTTEEEE!!!!! i wanted it but no my dad doesnt like them..just cos 1 almost bit off a piece of his leg he doesnt like them!! pff!
but anyhu...on 1 of our nights out i had a crepe that was on fire!! so cool!!! i did alot of sunbathing :D (for those of u hu need a laugh) i burnt my ass and like i cant sit in certain positions till it stops hurting xD and on d last day we went to blue lagoon with d boat and it was so nice!! i felt like i was on a totally diff. place!! i felt so tropical xD!!! hehe
but im bk! and i feel diff...dunno y..but i talked to my bro alot this week and he made me realise some things n like im changing :D i need a lot of construction to be done so STAND BK...THERE'S A NEW KAI IN TOWN ;P r some fotos of gozo :)

miggy nd his funky hat xD


do u find this sign kinda disturbing cos i kinda do :S lol me through a wine glass :)
miggy looking quite funny in d morning xDd gorgeous sea!!!

and posing(as usual:P) while sunbathing..burning my ass...but lloking gud in my cowboy hat :D hehe

Signing off with new n improved blessings and cuddles :)


Simon said...

woot...yey...go migi!

Anonymous said...

Welcome bk swt .. we missed ya! Cnt wait 2 cya! gbu & tc x x x


H1llz said...

Aaaah what fun =D I want a crepe on fire now taccajt :P Glad u had fun! Sry bout the sunburn xD Anywayz, see I left u a comment flahhar! Hehe I'll keep checking this every day as usual so ara u update regularly for me ;] Mwaaa gbu tc, see u tonight & don't forget ur booked for thurs!! =D xxxxxxx

Rach [achie] said...

waaa feeling bad cos i havent commented in so long xD!! well i cant say ive noticed u changing much.. i think its gradual.. ok u have this summer wat am i saying xD im so sorry for hurting ur ass on sunday xD [i sat on her and ended up leaning in some way that made her rlly 'uncomfy' to say the least..] sounds cool woman. (the flat-thing not the burn before u ask) and chihuahuas arent even dogs, theyre rats!! =P but I'd love it anyway xD 'Im broken, so broken inside' :P rendim.

Gbu tc

p.s. ive been mistaken for you a few times this week :O its happening again!!!

^KaI^ said...

they r not rats!!!!!! they R dogs!!!! i have them in my dog book :P ha! with like loads of other types of dogs!! ha! so there! they r dogs!!

Charlene said...

Welcome bk karla!! Glad u had a gr8 time...we missed ya gb tc x x x