Tuesday, October 30, 2007


hey guys
crap week at school this week...though school was only 2 days THANK GOD!!! :D ah my wife is leaving me for a week to go on the german exchange tom. hehe..ENJOY IT WIFE!!! and scerri caught me fondeling with her xD no not actual fondeling..but something to get scerri suspicious...and stop him from thinking im going out with a friend from school!!!!
anyhu...the end of d ur all probably wondering y i have a pic of a red moon..well the thing is d more i read d bible the more i realise that God is showing me about the end of the world..u c last week i read Mark 13 and i interpreted it as Jesus said that until every1 knows about the word of God the world will not end...and hence the fact the world has still not ended!!! so, now all you christians out there...reading this is wat u gotta do...go spread the word of God so that the world will end and we can go c jesus :) hehe..look at it this way...if we tell one person a day about god and another person hu we know can help by telling others will have malta covered in no time ;)....but anyhu..on to wat i read today...well i was reading Acts 2 today...and welll the end of the world came up again and it sed that wen the world will end the moon will turn blood red and there will be darkness....and every1 hu calls on jesus will be saved....or well something like that..but the blood red moon im sure about xD and well im guessing that will be the day that we r judged for heaven hehe so guys...we will no wen our job is done wen the moon turns blood red ok?? untill then we r not done so keep working..and tell ur friends abroad ok?! :D:D:D ah wat fun!!?!!

anyhu..i leave u to finish off my rlly good smoothie that i made as a memory of soul survivor :D

Signing off with blood red cuddles and blessings!!


Simon said...


Anonymous said...

| gay

Simon said...

hey asshole,
if you want to say something to me, say it under a name and not under anonymous, so i know who to beat the crap out of next time.

^KaI^ said...

oj!! memx glied hawnhekk!! ok?? this is my blog..i dont want any fighting in it..and stupid comments from other ppl...these r ppls opinions and every1 should respect each others get used to it!

MD said...

Well, here is my opinion for anonymous: "It takes one to know one." ;)

As for Kai: may God bless you with His wisdom :)