Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sad Lions

hey guys....well the only sad cartoon i found on d net was this lion so i decided im a sad little lion right now...welll actually i was fine this not sick was funny..had a water fight and well everything was fine..but like then i was discussing my o-level time table with my mum..which totally sucks btw! d only gud thing is i finish 2days be4 my 16th bday :D hehe..but like then she sat me down with my bro and was like "karla...wat do u wanna become in life?" and im answer kinda thing....and like all 3 of us were coming up with ideas and like...either i didnt have d qualifications...or i wasnt gud with that kinda thing...or its too long in uni for that course..or its under paid..or most ppl in malta r unemployed cs there is so much of it or i dont like it..and insomma it goes on like that..i mean we spent a gud hr guys...i finish my o-levels in 7mnths and i have no idea wat to do after that..its like...wat am i suppost to do now?!??!!! i feel so uh!!!! like y am i here? is these no use for me?!?!?!! i seriusly do feel like just another pretty face at this moment....ah! :(

Signing off with needed cuddles and blessing and PRAYERS!!!


Simon said...

kai, u're still at O'level stage and dont know what u gonna do... Im repeating my first year at uni and I still don't so come on...there are many worst off people than you atm...
and I don't even have the pretty face.

sgiusti said...

HEy there swt .. 2 things come into mind while writing this comment ...

1.) u dnt have a pretty face... u have a beautiful face .. and its not just d face .. ur beautiful inside and out ;P

2.) Ur time will come .. through the experiences of life become aware of wat u like and wat u dnt ... i mean its like a checklist and like simon said .. u still have time dnt rush into things ... im sure if u search on d internet wat courses r available .. i mean u should decide wat u want 2 keep pursuing 4 d rest of ur life .. something dat u wnt hate doin .. cos afterall dis is ur life job!Im sure ur parents and mig cud help u .. look 4 something .. dey do hv experience .. u cud also try a consuler .. dey awlays give gr8 advice ;) Above all remember that God has a plan for you so dnt think ur usless .. cos gd has a gr8 things coming ur way ..WATCH OUT EVERYBODY COS HERE COMES KARLA!!!

gbu tc swt ;) & dw ..

Luv ya sawah mwa x x x

Rach [achie] said...

hey woman, same here, but i think I've gotten that for a year now. Thank God for the big dig cos by now I would be stressed out and nuts. Dude u realise we have about a week's work left to do? FOR THIS WEEK. aaah insanity! i spoke to rache btw and she says the stress is for nothing, but we both truly know thats not gonna be much help when the time comes. till then lets be nice people and do what we are told, definately by God and maybe not so much by the stoner who is rlly pissing me off.

Rachel xxx

Marquita said...

I don't know what subjects you have, so I don't know what options are available. But I think that you have to give a little bit of credit as regards "what do you imagine yourself doing?", even if this answer leads you to embarking in a course that's 5 years/7 years long and getting underpaid when you graduate. Or, you may end up discovering that you don't have all the O levels necessary (e.g. I like I.T. but, oops, I don't have computer). But DO try discover what you'd REALLY like to do (or at least what you CERTIANLY DON'T like to do).

Also...just a few pointers from a 20 year old who still has a lot to learn:
1) It's wise and mature to look at factors such as pay and employment opportunities when choosing a job/career. BUT if you don't, at least, like what you do, tell me what's going to fuel that desire to learn, study and keep going when Uni gets very, very tough??? (it could be me but the possibility of a good pay in the future WON'T keep me going). A junior doctor gets paid peanuts over here and the sacrifices I have to make are, well, huge. But I've such a passion for what I do that I don't imagine myself elsewhere. And THAT is what propels me forward. (Most probably, a junior doctor gets paid as much as a McDonald's employee working on a full time basis).
2) As regards unemployment, there are some courses that can CLEARLY lead to that scenario IN THIS COUNTRY (with no offence to anyone but...Archaeology?!). But things are in constant flux...they keep changing all the time. i.e. what pays today might not really pay as well tomorrow and vice versa.
3) My sister was EXACTLY like you. It was only in the middle of summer (after her Os) where she had an idea about what course she imagined herself taking up at Uni. Whether you know what you want to become or not, you STILL have to get all your Os, especially if you're trying to get into a private 6th Form. This is what I told my sister last year: Whether you decide on what course you're taking at Uni or not doesn't really matter at this stage. If you have 10 Os to sit for, you still have to study all 10. So, don't stay fretting and don't let these uncertainties negatively affect your CURRENT studies; your time will come (as Ms. Giusti said) when your future becomes a bit clearer to you. And, over here, maybe you should try resting on God's timing. He'll help you through circumstances and other the meantime, I'm available for a chat if you want it.

God bless. Take care and DON'T WORRY (worrying is a very ineffective way of wasting your energies) ;)

Anonymous said...

Opportunity makes the thief.