Monday, September 3, 2007

What was done was done...

She sat there all alone,
her fingers running through her hair,
tears falling down as she realised
exactly what she'd done.

People spat at her,
others pointed and giggled...
And yet those she called friends,
were there gossiping in the middle...

No where to go.

No where to run.
All she could do was,just sit there, thinking...
What was done was done.

The people disappeared

after a few days,
but the hurts were still there,
those were the things that actually remained.

Thinking back

on what she'd done...
She realised
what a slut person she'd become...

No where to go.

No where to run.
All she could do wasjust sit there, thinking...
What was done was done...

She asked people to help,
but they would just look away,
until that oh so loving boy,
came and swooped her away.

She was afraid she'd fall in love and make the same mistake...
but little did she know this guy was no fake.
He told her about a man,who wouldn't be like the rest,
he actually told her he was the best!

She seemed confused,
as the boy told her about this amazing man he met,
the boy told her the man loved her...
But that she just couldn't get.

She asked him more questions
as she didn't believe this man was real.
The boy answered them all.
You could imagine how she'd feel.

She got all frustrated

wanting to know who the man was.
He said the man was Jesus,
the son of God.

She felt peace in her heart
and started to cry.
She didn't have the feeling anymore...
No more longing to die.

He prayed on her.
Doubts came into her mind...
What was done was done...
you can't just hide!

Could Jesus really love her,
after all that?
Little did she know,
He had already taken care of that.

What was done was done!
That's what she'd always claim...
Now she was healed,
and she'd never be the same...

a big thanks to Simon 4 d amazing pic!!!!

signing out with hugs and blessings from ^KaI^ productions...


Simon said...

Wow, you have a real talent kai, amazing, the picture was no problem, my pleasure

^KaI^ said...

thanks sim :)

Anonymous said...

very nice
strong use of repition to hammer down the point =p
pretty long, but still readable... pretty simple grammer helps that too =p
i suppose theres alittle bit of suspoense involved too if you think about it ;D
and i suppose your intended moral is pretty clear too

nice work ;D

Anonymous said...

kai u made me cry dammit! but i love u anyway


Anonymous said...

Heyy kai, very nice blog
shows alot of work was put into it =D keep it up.

ill c u around >>> Steve Diacono