Thursday, August 30, 2007

First Official Blog :D

HI!!! Ah how fun a new blog blog was born and 1 p.m on d 30th of August 2007 so proud *sigh of proudness* *tear rolling down cheek*
so anyhu, d reason i created this blog was..well...erm..i don't no i was in a mood today and decided ok im creating a blog :) very me-like actually
so im suppost to talk bout me ay? how fun :D hehe...yes i no i talk to myself...GET USED TO IT :P
anyhu..on to me...well yest. there was matt's party and it was quite gud...met alot of ppl i hadnt seen in a while had a few laughs..enjoyed dancing...on d whole gud :) but has been very plain actaully..well except my morning alarm...ok so let me tell u...i woke eyes still closed my body still on shut down but like my mind kinda woke watta mean? and i decided to stretch my hand to get my mob...thinking ill probably get an sms from a friend telling me if i enjoyed last night or something..well i was right...only problem is wen i switched on my mobile d person got a delivery report so d person decided to call while i was still all comfy in bed about to go bk to sleep my mum calls from downstairs...KARLA FON!!! and im like oh come on! so thanks to this person i had to get off my ass and get up!!! but d convo was ok so i dont mind it anymore xD hehe
ma i really write..xD oh and btw for u guys hu don't no..i write a bit of poetry so some of my blogs might start off with a poem or a drawing :)

signing off with morning blessings and hugs...


Simon said...

Hey Kai,
welcome to the wonderful, interesting, somethimes boring and bitchy world of blogs. I know you'll get along.
Word of advice, keep updating or people will stop checking it, also, pink on pink is hard to read...
well, thats about it,
Gbu kai


PS: please note it was 10.30 am, not exactly early

JOOOEEEEEEE... said...

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you raped an entire page to say that you're you, you ahve a blog and sum oxx made you wake up in the morning xD
ahh, if only otehr people could read your writing nad HEAR IT like i do =P
which is, altogether, naqa scary >.<
so now i will leave you a bunny... because.. you desever one =p

(\ (\ ejaculation!
( ^ _ ^) /
((') (')

there.. now you have bunnay =DD

Paws said...

What fun you decided to make your own blog :)........I promise I'll be your daily reader and leave you comments ..... :P A Promise is a promise ..Good luck on it....luv ya billions :D xxxxxxxx

JONES ..... said...

Hey Kai,
this grl is rly cool, u cna tell her anything, nd she will do anything in her power to help u.

Ajma Kai ( i still never got y Kai lol)u have to keep it running ah now. Anyways Take Care nd God Bless U

Simon said...

ok...joe, is it?'s a're uposed to waste space on Bull,
and im not an oxx thank u...and my bunny is nicer :P

joe said...

xD i lol at your face
ahhh if only the pickled bumsecks of oz could open your potential discharge of lettuce backwards ;D
then the unside-down catapult of morrocan fellatio would fail to thrice badger the onion rings =p

of course... if any of that where true, then old man jenkins would not sodomise the fireplace... when lit =p

and so... the cows went backwards through time to rpae the gnome king... for he really deserved it... ebign a gnome and all... =p
just creeping up behind lowbies and ganking then wiht a sap and an eviscerate =O

the duck salutes twice...
yours lovingly...
the jospeh ;D

^KaI^ said...

ah d randomness of joe...

Anonymous said...

there i left u a comment hun
lol no but seriously i'm impressed kai has a blog =') they grow up so fast keep it up hun mwa