Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Growing up...

hey guys n girlies..

sry i havent been posting lately but ive either had nothing to say or didnt no wat to write xD but parents r going abroad this weekend so its just gonna be me n mig at home hehe..they r going to paris to watch benny hinn lucky parents!! but today i had rehersals 4 Kristu Re...d dance is called Free by hillsongs and its rlly nice :D i love it...its coming rly gud!! Also today i had parent's day at school..i thought its my last one but apparently its not xD but it brings us to the pic of d day cos i had to pick which papers im taking 4 my o' anyway...those shoes that u c ontop r my first pair of shoes :) aint i cute :P?? hehe but anyhu...just stating that im rlly growing up quickly and its so weird..ill soon have a job and my school life will be over but my studying wont xD ah!! its just insane...i had all my little memories coming bk to me all d laughs i had in school and some little hws that i used to find rlly difficult in jr school xD and wen we used to play during we just sit and relax and my first crushes hehe and d first time i went out without was like im free xD but anyhu...A LOT has changed since then..A LOT...then i realised how im rlly growing up!!! i mean its already been practically 2 n a half yrs since i converted and it feels like just yest...i feel like im on a boat thats going rlly fast and ur in one place and suddenly ur already in a different place and it just flashed be4 ur eyes..ah sry 4 d depressingness but im just like that today..but off

Signing out with growing cuddles and blessings


Rach [achie] said...

I agree! i mean it feels like just two years ago [and not 5] that we sat in the jr. school playground discussing tolfja, shark and dolphin! and remember ju-jitsu when we didnt have ballet in the first years? and now o-levels >.< aah but i assume it will join all the other memories sometime soon! x'genn!!

on a lighter note, i just learnt to play Join With The Angels by Lex Buckley... sort of.. i still need to figure out the strumming, but i dnt have the blessed song yet so im finding that bit hard xP..
what have you learnt most recently?

Simon said...

Hey Kai,
Yep we all grow so fast,
but don't worry, everything passes, I remember thinking OMG the O levels, but looking back on them now they were just the end of another chapter in my life, and to be honest not much of an important one. I know you'llk get through them too and will enter the life after them in full stride. You know what I found? That If you remember that God is with you helping you along, and you follow the path He has fopr you, it will all be fine. Now finding the path...can't help u there, if you find someone that can let me knoe kk?

PS be good this weekend with Parents ;)

^KaI^ said...

eqhemm..erm.. simon *blush* its withOUT parents :P

Simon said...

you know what i mean
be good

maria angela said...

its true kai!! and when u think about wot uve learnt in these 2 years, illa ud remain stupefied!! praise the Lord!! =D keep growin in Christ :D xxxxx