Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just a little yeast can make d whole batch of dough rise...

Hey guys

sorry its been so long but like a lot of things cropped got sick..and i was busy!! as in never home xD
But was quite a gud week..i pierced my second ear holes :D and i finished something for d y4j talent show with some friends :) its a surprise :P hehe and i went out with Hillary for lunch (pastizzi xD) and a walk in d shade..a very long walk in d shade hehe with a lovely chat :) thanks hill..amazing morning. Also i went to community..gr8 fun..d guys got lots of new songs in and that was just amazing!!!!!! i was so happy and it felt so gr8!! and then d talk was rlly nice...thou i was mega hyper and was having a few laughs with Dezz and Sarah hehe "DISTRACTED!!" xD but anyhu..then it was off to mc dezzy's gorgeous car..i want one just like it :) hehe yes..its tru i do! mc d's was gud...i was just dying for that burger!! ah!!! *melting* then i went home with Kristie..thanks Kris :) hehe oh and guys..that was just u no how busy i was ok :P..thou friday wasnt as busy..i had d-grp in d morning :) very fun!! and then me bet and max walked it downt to st.gorges dropping off ang and illy on d say hi to zoe cos its her bday tom :)!!! hehe then i went home and got mage bored so i asked pete was he was doing and he had nothing to do so wat did i do? go to pete :D hehe and cos he didnt want to wash untill 7! we were late for adoration which was nic...thou i prefared d other 2 times...then i came home to stay with d community ppl and watch a dvd there :) hehe and now its sat morning and im listening to mig matt and mike playing (cos they r in d room underneath me :) ) atleast they didnt wake me up!! :D hehe btw sorry for all d old pics and no new ones but like its 12.30 in d morning..just got up..rlly dont feel like uploading my fotos from my camera which is all d way upstairs!! hehe excuse me hehe
anyhu...d title is wat it is cos i was reading 1 cor 5 and like apparently(i realised) it was about sex..and that verse just rlly hit me as just rlly tru but yet so hilarious :) enjoy working it out :P

Signing off with lazy blessings and cuddles!!!


Rach [achie] said...

dude your ear holes not wholes xD!! nutsie!! woman, how do u kno we're in the same class?!? u never told me! We're gonna spend the WHOLE [emphasis on the w] time discussing random stupid stuff u know ay? and not so random stupid stuff, like that thing u kept trying to tell me on sat that i was just too busy to hear!

love u ttyl n Gb