Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well, as some of you might know, 2 weeks after my dear Ellie was brought to me she was taken away and was re-given to me 2 weeks later after being analyzed and fixed by a technician! so yes...even thought i've had my beautiful laptop for a month, she's only actually been at me for 2 weeks now. I am just full of luck aren't I?
Also, for those of you who have not heard yet, I passed all my A-levels! yes yes awesome I know BUT [ yes there is ALWAYS a but with me] I didn't get into uni because I am 2 points under...yes funny isn't it? It has to be me right? There is always a catch when it comes to my life isn't there xD
Want to know what tops it all off? Today was the only day i got off work in the whole summer [excluding weekends] so I could go to the student advisor to see if there is anything I could do about my "narrow fail" so I got all excited about spending a few minutes talking to the advisor and off to the beach to enjoy my day off but ALAS! Little did I realise that half of Malta decided that they want to know what they're going to do in life today [and I thought I was the only person who didn't know that yet, silly me]. So yes, I picked a number (166) and sat my ass down and opened up my book and began reading when i heard the number 23 being called out and I thought oh dear I'm going to be here for an hour or two but I said it's ok I'm a patient person and I've got my book - I'm settled. Little did I know that my 2 hours turned into 7 and a half most wasteful hours of my life ><
To top that, my mum came in the last half hour and was moaning for she had to wait half an hour for what ending up being a 5 minute conversation with an advisor who had a cold and sneezed in my face >< \Mother felt bad for me afterwards so she took me to the point for a bit of retail therapy but of course there is another BUT! 5 minutes after I got into the point I start seeing people rush out...why you ask? a fire drill! And they were closing early 'cos of it.
Laugh, honestly, it's freaking hilarious at how much bordering bad luck I've had this last week ><
So I say to myself, how far can my patience take me? How much longer is God going to test my patience?

Any bets?


Steve Diacono said...

hopefully... with me at-least, forever XD. Much luv Boobie

MINA said...