Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Things

I'm trying out new things with this blog. Ive been a bit created, ive tried the updating on my life, ive tried the random things that happen to me that can only happen to me. Now I trying something else...
this morning a bunch of my friends went up to soul survivor and for the first time in 3 years i didnt join them, and as weird as it feels to be in malta in what i had completely forgotten is the busiest week of the year, yes i am actually ok with this.
Im hanging out with people i dont often spend time with and im doing things i dont normally do. Ive decided that every new and awesome thing i do i shall write. So yes, ill be updating this post regularly (:

Day 1:
Playstation 3 at Petes :D
watched 21 XD
Selling energy saving lights at a camera shop xD
Actually walking it home :o
spring cleaning! XD

Day 2:
i touched over 70 cameras and honestly learnt too much if its possible xD
Shopping and hafna bonding with vanessa ^^
i bought jeggings. 'nough said XD
oh and awesome shoes :D
got some really pretty visions at community ^^

sold 10 cameras this week ^^
i changed my first diaper! XD
got to star gaze in the middle of the sea ^^
got to sing-a-long with christian music coming from the boat next to us who just happened to have a boat full of australian christians xD
played with kiddies all day :D
took some awesome pics (:
slept on the boat

Day 4
first dive of the year!! :D so grand ^^
saw 5 star fish
caught my first octopus ever xD
collected shells ^^
almost caught a fish XD
saw flying fish :D
changed more diapers xD
sailed home (:
watched ss on God tv XD
slept at val :D

Day 5
woke up and made friends with Val's mum xD
made pear bread which came amazing (Y)
finally watched repo men
had a mini ss ministry session in my living room :D

Day 6
xeba cameras yet again! XD
went up to bugibba and studied with van all day ^^
bbq at becky's! :D

so yes...a nice random week full of activities and i enjoyed every second of it ^^ <3

signing out.


Steve Diacono said...

*hug* nough said :P

Anonymous said...

last week our class held a similar discussion on this subject and you illustrate something we have not covered yet, appreciate that.

- Laura