Monday, January 21, 2008

Let outs..

hi all...well i felt like blogging today so thats wat i shall do :) hehe...well i rlly wanted to talk bout d amazing thing that happened to me this weekend..well first of all i want to start off by saying i didn't get sick this weekend..hurray :D hehe..well anyhu..on sat night after y4j i was feeling pretty down..and by d time sunday came around i was down under d dumps..i mean i was so sad that mean i was so sad that my mum realised and she was getting rlly worried about me..cos first she though i was just tired but then she realised it wasnt my tiredness. Insomma...i couldn't figure out y i was so down but i just knew that i was..and like i remembered that last time i was this down and got angry at God and i started shouting at him and rlly letting out and i decided that once i was home alone thats wat id do..and insomma d time came wen i was alone at home. nd at first i got scared but then im like ok..i ll go cuddle up in my bed and start tlking...and insomma d words kept flowing and flowing and like after a while i realised that i was feeling so much better..and i put on a smile for d first time all day :D and i realsied that i didnt have d problems that i had was so cool..i actually imagined myself...with a tutzi says..and i left it at d cross..and every since then ive been rlly happy..and like atm there is like nothing wrong with me xD im rlly happy guys hehe..i dont think this post is gonna save for me cos its too long xD..i leave

Signing off with let out cuddles and blessings


Ben said...

isnt God amazing?

now this is what i really wanna say... God is such an amazing saviour he allows us to be all hekk imdejqin at times till we realise that hes our only salvation, the cross he carried and died on!! so glad you left it at the foot of the cross :) gbu if you let Him hell be using you big time in his plan even tough you might not see it :) huggy

Rob said...

ye amen ben nd kai!
nd we shouldnt be scared of showing God our feelings! i mena he made feelings, nd he already knows what wer feeling anyway so might as well talk 2 him bout it

maria angelaaa said...

woo amen kai!!! dats what happnd to me too xD =D keep postin!!! xxx God blss!! =D